Since NPORS was formed in 1992, they have accredited over 1000 instructors and training providers who operate on national and international projects. During this time they have worked hard to ensure that appropriate training and assessments are being delivered to employers in the Construction, Utilities, Distribution and Warehousing, Ports and Marine, Rail and Agricultural Sectors. NPORS have currently registered over 160,000 operators who have been employed across all UK industry sectors.

The Health and Safety Executive recognise NPORS as competent to accredit and monitor organisations to train instructors and/or to train, test and certificate operators.

NPORS Operator Assessments

The assessment criteria for an operator has been developed over many years by the NPORS Training Standards Committee and drawing on the capabilities of our Accredited Training Providers/Instructors, who provide practical and realistic advice as they deliver the assessments with clients and understand any training and assessment challenges that can arise.

NPORS Operator Cards

The Operator Registration Card is produced for an individual who has successfully completed practical and knowledge assessments on the categories shown on the back of the card. This shows that they have achieved a level of competence to operate the item on the card. Where the individual has successfully attended a NPORS (or industry) recognised Health and Safety Course, this can also be added onto the back of the card